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What We Offer

Vet Medicure Solitions Pvt. Ltd., has been engaged in formulating and exporting a comprehensive range of Veterinary Medicines, Veterinary Injections etc, which are effective, inexpensive and safe besides marketing in custom-made packaging. 

    Our formulations are as follows :

    • Nunac Plus Inj- 20ml & 100 ml.
    • Levocure Inj- 30 ml & 100 ml
    • Hycospas Inj.- 8 ml
    • Norcin Inj- 30 ml.
    • Ascor Inj- 30 ml.
    • C-ZOX Inj- 2.5 gm.
    • C-ZOX SB Inj- 3.75 gm.
    • CTX Inj- 4.5 gm
    • Nunac Plus Bolus
    • Enrocure Bolus
    • Norcin -TZ Bolus
    • U-Clear Bolus
    • C.C. Kit Tablets
    • Getmin Bolus
    • Bovizyme Powder
    • C-Booster Powder
    • Instacal Liquid
    • A.I. Cure Liquid
    • Calshoot Total Liquid
    • Mastimed Liquid

    Quality Assurance

    Vet Medicure Solitions Pvt. Ltd., believes that fine quality of the products is the power that brings success to the company. Therefore, it relies on its comprehensive quality-management system to make sure of high-test Veterinary Medicine that successfully prevents and treats different illness and diseases in animals. It has established its own quality analysis department, equipped with latest tools and equipment, taken care by experienced pharmacists so as to have an eye over the entire formulation process. So, it succeeds in supplying the product that is highly effective, safe yet cost effective and a real value for money.


    • Vet Medicure Solitions Pvt. Ltd., has developed the advanced formulation and packaging infrastructural set-up:
    • Sophisticated formulation unit, with an ideal fusion of technology and expertise to facilitate the formulation.
    • In-house packaging facility equipped with the latest packing machinery and filling equipment
    • Quality-Management Facility provided with Testing, Measuring and Analyzing equipment through which medicines are minutely checked.
    • A team of experienced pharmacists and dedicated personnel to prepare the high-test medicines
    • Warehousing facility, making sure that products are safely stored to fulfill urgent market demands.

    Customers' Delight

    The company is tenaciously committed to getting a maximum level of satisfaction. In order to sustain the promise, it ensures quality and value in the whole range of Veterinary Medicines. It has directed all its endeavors to develop and provide the products that exceed the quality standard expectation of clients, that has enabled the company to have better reputation in both the international and Indian markets. As being committed to creating just satisfied clients, it houses an experienced client-relation team that is acutely dedicated to improving interaction with customers for understanding their needs in terms of quality, price, effectiveness, formula and composition of medicines.